Ventures Endurance


We started working on the new fresh design once it was handed to us by the design team. It was a very impressive and interesting project to work on as we have multiple parts to tackle. 

Once started, the time flyes super easy, just in 2 weeks, we delivered a fresh clean elementor based theme that gave the power to the marketing team to handle all of their requirements without the need to do any hard coding. 


Our tailored Custom Post Type (CPT) also privileges them the option to add as many events as they want every single one has its own unique criteria. 

Customized elementor elements gave a special flavor to the whole website as it gave every unique element customized specially for this design to engage the customer with the Brand in an unforgettable experience. 


We in paleq are very impressed and glad by the work delivered in this project, feel free to check it out on




Venture Endurance


June 2021


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